About Us

Bidmystand.com is the fastest growing stand builders and crowdsourcing marketplace by number of users and projects. Through our marketplace, employers/agencies can hire stand builders or service providers to do work in areas such as exhibition stand construction, events and conference setup, printing, models & hostess and many more services.

Our mission of creating economic opportunities for better lives of people has taken us a long way. As a result, we have become the world's stand builder and service provider marketplace, where every day businesses of all sizes and independent professionals from around the world meet here to accomplish incredible projects.

We see what you do

I have personally witnessed the passion and commitment that each and every user puts into their work here. Whether it's a quick conference setup or a big event management project - both the talent at Bidmystand and our customers really care about doing good work because they love what they do.

In fact, we designed it that way. Our stand builder and service provider marketplace align the goals of our clients with the goals of professional at Bidmystand to drive better results and everyone moving in the same direction. You'll find the tools to hone your skills, grow your business, and gain the control and independence you need for success.

Bidmystand is your workforce

If you’re an event or exhibition agency that’s come here to get projects done, use this workforce of independent professions to build faster and transform your projects. If you’re stand builder or service provider that’s come here to realize your potential, know that you are a valuable and instrumental part of someone’s business.

We make business more rewarding

We see what you do

We see your vision, and everything we do is an effort to help you build the connections that will turn that vision into reality, by powering your trusted service providers business even more.
The impact is both economic and personal in the daily and in the long run. When you find the right supplier, you stop working and start working strategically. That is when real opportunity emerges.
I can say with confidence that the Bidmystand team - the team that brings you stand builders and serves you customer - is still driven by our mission to create economic opportunity for our people around the world.
You are our people now, and we are glad you are here.
We can't wait to see what you do.